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About Us

With strong attention to detail, a mix of rustic elements paired with clean visual lines, and highly curated wine and spirits selections, Adega Wine and Spirits offers up a dynamic shopping experience the Brazilian way in our Astoria neighborhood of more than 20 years.


Pulling from the inspiration of a wine cellar, which is loosely translated to “Adega” in Portuguese, consumers are greeted with cavernous colors found in wine caves from Old World France and Italy that are mixed with sleek modern elements you’ll find in New World wineries from the United States to Brazil. Therefore, it was only fitting to call our store Adega Wine and Spirits.


The shelves that align our welcoming and accessible shop feature a unique carnival of hand crafted, small-batch and rare spirits from across the globe as well as a unique collection of wines from all over the world. Each product is specially hand-picked for the consumer based on customer demand and customer requests. We focus on small production products because we do believe that our customers deserve the best of the best.


Our passion, or paixao in Portuguese, for customer service is the benchmark for creating an environment where consumers can feel comfortable. Hospitality is key in the Brazilian culture, therefore we go the extra mile to make sure our guests feel at home in the store. Our sales staff communicates in at least three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. And our experience in the restaurant industry allows us to recommend great quality products in a more accessible and friendly way.


We want our costumers to walk out of Adega not only with a purchased product, but we want them to experience the pleasure and beauty of the wine and spirits world. We want them to leave Adega with the impression that they added something new to their existing wine and spirits knowledge.


As we continue to grow and develop as a retail store, we also want to grow and develop with our customers. We’ll continue to offer weekly in-store wine tastings, launching new and easy to use home delivery services, hosting wine classes and unique wine and spirit seminars and launch new initiatives that make the shopping experience easy, fun and memorable.


We look forward to seeing you again really soon or meeting you for the first time. Obrigado!